Things are super busy right now, but mostly in a good way! I’m going through a period of extreme change that brings with it joy, fear, excitement, nerves, and more. I’m doing my best to ride the wave and stay centered (with varying degrees of success depending on the day)…

So amidst all these changes, I took a little break today to reflect on 2009 so far. I can’t believe the year is almost half over!

Here is a sampling of things I’ve done so far…

  • completed Pre-Natal Yoga Training
  • attended weekly (challenging) yoga class
  • started this blog
  • took a drawing class
  • created a painting
  • ran 1st women’s wellness circle
  • completed the microenterprise program
  • opened my 1st business bank account

And things I plan to do by the end of the year…

  • close on property for wellness center (on Friday!)
  • pass EPPP (hopefully on Tuesday!)
  • try yoga dance class
  • go to california with my husband to relive our honeymoon
  • go back to spinning class
  • take goddess leonie’s de-cluttering e-course & clear some major clutter
  • open a private practice
  • take a family vacation to rhode island
  • brainstorm new ways to volunteer in my community

What an eventful year so far! Okay, back to work!