2010 was an amazing year! As I sat back to reflect on the year’s highlights I was surprised and delighted at how long the list was. Here is a sample of my 2010 highlights:

Here are what I listed as my 2010 goals back in January:

  • Cultivate a meditation practice: Work in progress!
  • Get more regular exercise, specifically walk outside a 2-3 times every week: Varied throughout the year. There were several months where I did great with this, especially the warmer months.
  • Write a book proposal & send it out into the world: No, but I did start writing my book and I even read an excerpt to my writing group which felt like a BIG step.
  • Spiff up blog & websites: No, never made this a priority…
  • Attend a retreat of some sort: Yes, I retreated with SARK!
  • Learn to knit: No, I’m not sure where this goal even came from since I have awful hand-eye coordination :-)
  • Cultivate unconditional self-acceptance (do you like how I just threw that one in there): Work in progress!
  • Create a beautiful backyard garden: I did create some beautiful pots of flowers for the backyard, but no garden.
  • Eliminate clutter, especially from my bedroom & closet: Yes, I definitely did this although the clutter seems to magically regenerate!
  • Open a specialty boutique within the wellness center: No, I did start researching this but again it wasn’t a priority.
  • Complete Level 4 & 5 yoga trainings: Yes!
  • Publish yoga practice CD: If you read this blog regularly you know this has been hanging over my head for months! Transfer to 2011 to-do list…
  • Record & publish meditation CD: No, I figured I better publish the first CD before I go and record another one :-)
  • Organize a yoga retreat: Yes and no. I held two retreats at the studio, but I intended to organize a retreat off-site. Putting this on hold for now because I am guessing I won’t be up for any travel for a bit once the baby arrives.
  • Expand the Do Yoga. Do Good. Initiative – I am so excited for the book club coming in February!!!! Yes, the book club was fun! I am definitely dreaming of a more formal non-profit in the near future.

It is funny how when reflecting on 2010 I felt like I accomplished quite a bit, but it didn’t necessarily match up with the goals I created at the beginning of the year. I guess this is the nature of goals; they change just as everything else does! That is why I enjoy Monthly Goal Reflections so much! However, I am still setting some goals for 2011 now.

Here goes:

  • Attend Professional Development conference in Psychology
  • Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD (and have a party when I finally do – lol)
  • Complete a first draft of Living Wellness book
  • Clean out the basement
  • Read all of Martha Beck’s books (I’m probably 25% there already)
  • Continue to cultivate daily meditation practice
  • Draft plan for new website & purchase domain name
  • Rent newly renovated office suite to fabulous, like-minded health & wellness professionals
  • Explore mixed media art
  • Attend additional yoga training
  • Enjoy 12 weeks of maternity leave
  • Research starting a non-profit
  • Host a retreat at Tree of Life Yoga Studio
  • Begin publishing podcasts & vidcasts
  • Write more content on blog
  • Daily physical activity
  • Participate in 2 courses through Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle
  • Save 40% of my income each month until baby is born
  • Donate monthly to my favorite charities
  • Continue to make self-care a priority after baby is born while also understanding it may look a lot different than it does now
  • Monthly dates with all the important people in my life (hubby, daughter, friends, and family)

Have you taken some time to reflect on 2010 and plan for 2011? I would love to hear what you are dreaming of!