I love this time between Christmas and the New Year. With very few things to do and even fewer expectations, I have lots space to reflect on 2013 and plan for 2014. I have a no-rush rule when it comes to the soul work of releasing one year and welcoming another so my reflecting (and posts) may go on well into January.


Let’s begin by reviewing the year’s milestones and magical moments.

Authentic Awakening: A Sacred Soul Circle was born. I’m super proud of this program and totally in love with the brave, beautiful women who are part of it. Magic happens each time we gather. (It’s not too late to join us!)

Spa Days with my sister and best gal pals. If you haven’t yet invested in massages, facials, and pedicures as part of your self-care routine, I highly recommend it!

Being a part of the CIG Circle created by Jennifer Winarski. One of my Big Dreams for this year was to connect more with like-minded souls and this circle was a huge part of that. So grateful to Jenn and all the beautiful ladies sharing their energy in this circle.

Lainey's first day of school

Lainey started school and I went back to work during the day. This was huge for our family. Since Lainey’s birth my husband and I have been rotating work shifts, him during the day me during the evening, so that one of us would always be there to care for Lainey. After 2+years it was time for a change and now Lainey goes to a lovely Montessori pre-school two mornings a week while I work. It has turned out beautifully for everyone!

Me and Meg at the wedding!

Me and Meg at the wedding!

My BFF got married! It was amazing! Me, Lainey, and Meg were all in the wedding. So many great memories!

Getting my first tattoo!


I got my first tattoo! 

That's my girl at the podium speaking!

Megan’s Chorus Concerts. I love watching my girl sing! This year her chorus partnered with another school for Sing for the Cure – a very powerful experience.


Girls’ nights. These feed my soul!

The Museum of Play - fun for adults too!

Visited the Museum of Play for the first time. And it was AWESOME! Highly recommend!

Look mom - I picked a blueberry!

Blueberry picking with Lainey and her cousins. My first time doing this too. We went to a super mellow place and it was perfect for us. Also, made my first blueberry pie!


I had my first night away from Lainey since her birth. She slept well; I did not.

Soaking up the sun!

Relaxing days at the beach with family and friends. Ahhh… I miss those days! The beach fills me up in a serious way.

Working on the balance beam

Lainey started gymnastics class. A group of toddlers tumbling around. Super cute!


I invested in a business consultant. This was a huge for me. A big YES to the deep, inner yearnings to expand my online business.


Megan and I saw P!NK in concert. If you ever can, GO! This was an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G show. And I now want 8 more tattoos and to become an acrobat.


We rode the Polar Express. It was super fun and the kids loved it!

Celebrated 5 years of Tree of Life Yoga Studio. My heart is bursting with gratitude and joy as I write that!

So now tell me, what were your milestones and magical moments this year?