Hi, I’m Mindy Scime! I’m a therapist, yoga teacher, and radical proponent of Badass Self-Care.


I believe that telling our truth — and living it — is a form of Badass Self-Care. It protects us, nourishes us, replenishes us, and holds the power to change not only us, but our world.

Badass Self-Care is the radical practice of women prioritizing themselves in a world that tells them their needs come last, if at all.



How do we begin to practice Badass Self-Care?

By naming the lies and claiming the truth.


The world we live in feeds us lies.  Patriarchy tells women that we are less than; that how we look is the most important aspect of ourselves; that we have to hustle to prove our worth; that our needs do not matter.


We internalize that message and it subconsciously drives us to work, work, work, and strive to be flawless and likeable and always do the right thing. It burns us out.


That lie is running our lives and running us out of energy.


So let’s tell the truth.

The truth is women are worthy of safety and respect.

The truth is we do not have to earn our worthiness, it is our innate right.

The truth is we are not less than.

The truth is we deserve to take care of ourselves.


Badass Self-Care is sacred, slow work that is about so much more than pedicures and bubble baths. Practicing Badass Self-Care means deconstructing the socio-cultural messages that deliberately undermine our ability to care for ourselves. It means building rituals and boundaries into your life that remind you of who you are and how valuable you are. It means radically reclaiming your truth, your energy, your effort, and your life.

Practicing Badass Self-Care helps you to stop over giving, overworking, and performing a safe version of yourself. Practicing Badass Self-Care helps you connect with and live from your truth.

Stop working so hard to try to earn your worth and begin to understand that you are enough, exactly as you are in this moment.

Badass Self-Care means taking care of ourselves inside of this culture that lies to us and tells us our needs don’t matter.

Badass Self-Care means naming the lies and claiming your truth — and living it.

I am here to support you and create a world of badass truth-tellers with you.

My work is informed by my experience and training as a licensed psychologist, yoga teacher, and Badass Self-Care coach.

I earned my doctorate in Counseling and School Psychology from the University at Buffalo in 2007. In 2009, I became a Licensed Psychologist and opened a private practice as a therapist.

I have the clinical experience of more than 4,000 hours of individual therapy with hundreds of clients.

I have completed specialized post-graduate training in trauma, including EMDR and somatic experiencing.

I completed a 200 hour teacher training program through YogaFit, including specialized training in trauma-informed yoga.

I have been teaching yoga since 2008.

I own and operate Tree of Life Yoga Studio in Niagara Falls, NY.

I have completed specialized training in yoga for survivors of sexual assault with Zabie Yamasaki.

I am the proud creator of Badass Self-Care®.

Badass Self-Care is about reclaiming our bodies, our voices, our power.

I call it Badass Self-Care because it can feel a bit radical for women to prioritize their needs. I’m working on changing that.

I have taught Badass Self-Care online since 2015; the offering is currently in its third iteration – a six-month online circle.

I am a woman navigating self-care in this world as a wife, mother, healer, and entrepreneur which means this isn’t theoretical for me. This is my life.

My academic training and personal and professional experience means that when you choose to work with me you are getting a deeply compassionate professional trained in both mind and body modalities. All of my offerings are informed by my knowledge of evidence-based strategies as well as my practical experience in the field as a psychologist, yoga teacher, and human.

Truth-telling, Badass Self-Care, and healing is our project, together — in your life, and in our world.

Let’s get started.