She said thank you, you made my day.

She said you inspire me.

She said you know you’re gorgeous, right?

She said you are awesome and you are enough.

She said thank you for writing what I am feeling.

She said you are my yoga.

She said I am breathing with you.

She said you are a gorgeous magical spirit and total badass.

She said thank you for having the courage to share your truth.

She said I love your laugh.

She said you are a natural, loving guide.

She said you are so beautiful and full of light.

She said thank you for holding my hand.

She said keep writing please.

She said you anchor me so I can fly.

She said you are pure, pure love.

She said your vulnerability is beautiful; it makes me want to hand you my own heart, knowing how well you will care for it.

She said I trust you.

She said you are freedom and peace, joy and safety.

She said you are a saucy yoga goddess, a sexy mess.

She said you show up with all parts of you.

She said you are sublime, the sacred and profane, mindful and wild at once.

She said your energy is contagious.

She said you seem to be on the brink of setting the world on fire with your magic.

She said you deserve it all.

She said your sweetness and dignity just blow me away.

She said I adore you – you are soul and sass in one gorgeous package.

She said I love you.

And I let myself believe her.

This post was inspired by a prompt from Hannah Marcotti’s amazing program Community Grace.