Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
Let your breath carry you home to who you are, that place of inner stillness that lies beneath it all.
Are you paying attention?
When is the last time you really tasted a strawberry? I mean looked at it and saw the sun, the soil, and the rain that grew it, as well as the hands who picked it and then smelled it and inhaled the whole universe before gratefully taking a bite.


When is the last time you saw the sunset? I mean really took it in, your eyes welling up with tears as you not so much saw with your eyes, but really felt with your heart, the glory of the sun setting in the sky.
When is the last time you watched her while she slept? Let yourself feel that most scary vulnerable feeling of complete and unconditional love, the kind that catches in your throat and makes you want to run away but you stay and it is amazing and frightening all at once.  
Are you paying attention?
Life is beautiful and hard and really fucking painful sometimes and yet there is ease and joy to be found even on the most gut-wrenching of days.
You are here.
You are alive.
Trillions of cells are working together to make that happen.
You are a miracle.
So is that person next to you and that one over there, even that person who you really can’t stand.

All of us.
And we (myself included) run around frustrated by the smallest things.
We lack perspective.
Are you paying attention?
Do you see what’s going on here?
Once I was lost and upset while driving in the car with my (then) three year-old.
She said, “Don’t worry, mommy. I know where we are. This is just a playground where we come to dream our dreams.” 
My tiny spirit guide.

I don’t know where we come from and I don’t know where we go from here but I’m guessing it all has something to do with love. And that we most certainly are here to dream our dreams.    
This is your one wild and precious life.
Are you paying attention?