I’ve really been struggling with saying goodbye to 2013. Much of the year feels like a blur. Like I shut down and went into survival mode because of stress at home. And at the same time, I remember joyful moments during those months and the year is definitely punctuated by milestones and magical moments.


I guess this past year was like any day or week or month of my life. There was some crazy hard shit, definitely more than some years (but also not the most out of any of my years), and there was lots of goodness too. I felt grateful, angry, impatient, scared, happy, stressed, tired, inspired, overwhelmed, loved, confused, guided, and much more. Creating space for the whole truth feels challenging and necessary.


Two lessons my soul learned in 2013:


When I find myself acting out of alignment with my true nature (love and peace) it is always, always, always because I have not protected my boundaries. Saying yes when I mean no or skipping out on my self-care practices inevitably ends with me being impatient, angry, and downright nasty. More evidence that taking care of me is good for everyone around me.


Along the same lines… I need to speak up for what I want and need. I’ve known for sometime now that people, as glorious as they are, aren’t mind readers. (Maybe it took me a little longer to come to terms with the fact that my husband couldn’t magically infer my thoughts.) Yet somehow I would still expect people around me to know what I wanted without me actually saying it. This is not the way to go through life, trust me. Say what you need and don’t apologize for it.


Blowing kisses and sending 2013 off with a smile and a wave!