December 17, 2015


I wake up with my four year-old sleeping in the crook of my arm, as she does most nights. Reaching to quiet the alarm, my mind runs through the day – who needs to be dropped off and picked up where and when, what clients I will see, when I will fit my workout in, what our evening holds. After I drop my peanut off at school I sip a cup of tea and write in my journal before my first appointment. The writing is more like a lengthy to-do list of holiday-related tasks that are on my mind like shopping, wrapping, and cleaning. I spend time with my clients, holding space and catching their stories with compassion. I run to the post office and grab an arrangement for the table on Christmas Eve and pick up the kids from school. I set up my computer in the living room and start (trying) to workout alongside my four year-old. My 17 year-old comes downstairs with some disappointing news. I pause the laptop so I can be present with her. My four year-old stubs her toe on a weight and starts wailing. I’m holding her and talking to my other daughter and calculating how many minutes we have until my husband’s uncle comes over for dinner and my daughter’s friends arrive to get ready for the holiday concert. Because it is Day 18 of my cycle I am able to pause and breathe when I feel like I might crack. And in the space of my breath I hear one thing – wow, this is a lot to hold.



This is a typical moment in a woman’s life. It doesn’t matter if you are a therapist or a teacher or an artist or an entrepreneur or if you have one kid or 5 kids or no kids – we all hold so so much. It is one of the gifts of being a woman. And we have a responsibility to honor this gift by taking exquisite care of ourselves.

We hold so much.

And in order to be the amazing, loving, patient, kind, present containers we want to be we need to practice Badass Self-Care.

Badass Self-Care is the radical practice of taking care of yourself.


Badass Self-Care is water, movement, naps.

Badass Self-Care is your morning run followed by a green smoothie.

Badass Self-Care is the most decadent dark chocolate and a beautiful glass of red wine.

Badass Self-Care is hot tea and salty baths and time with your journal.

Badass Self-Care is understanding how what you take in physically, emotionally, and energetically impacts you.

Badass Self-Care is all the laughing and crying and everything in between, feeling it all.

Badass Self-Care is speaking your truth.

Badass Self-Care is choosing yourself and honoring your needs.

Badass Self-Care is knowing how to tune in and access those needs.

Badass Self-Care is getting out of your head and into your body wisdom.

Badass Self-Care is making yourself a priority.

Badass Self-Care is the art of doing nothing.

Badass Self-Care is knowing how you want to feel & consciously creating a life that fosters those feelings.

Badass Self-Care is fierce boundaries and mindful self-talk.

Badass Self-Care is knowing you deserve to rest.

Badass Self-Care is learning to receive.

Badass Self-Care is courageous conversations and emotional intimacy.

Badass Self-Care is learning to embrace the whole beautiful mess that is this life.


Won’t you join us as we ponder, experiment, and play with the radical idea of taking beautiful care of ourselves?

What: Badass Self-Care

Why: Because we hold so much

When: January 25 – February 25

How: Prompts directly to your inbox Monday – Thursday & a private Facebook group for connection

Investment: $59