The holiday season is upon us.


I feel like what is needed this year is simplicity and slowness.


Before I create an offering, I always pause and turn inward to listen for my soul’s guidance. When I meditated on this offering I saw a simple, beautiful daily email. An anchor grounding us in our days leading up to the holidays. A quote to meditate on or a question to ponder or a brief practice to try.

Perhaps you will read it first thing when you wake up or every day on your lunch break or each night before bed. A simple ritual to bring mindfulness to your day. There will also be a private Facebook group because I believe in the magic of connecting with like-minded souls. The emails will be one or two or three sentences at most.


If you’d like to join us, you can sign up here.


Emails will arrive November 21 – December 23, Monday through Friday. This is a free program, a gift from my heart to yours.


I’d love for you to be with us as we approach the holiday season with intention. Nothing’s better than presence.