I feel like November snuck up on me this year but here we are – the holiday season is upon us!



Does reading that make you hold your breath?


You are not alone, mama.


For me, this time of year used to mean rushing, stressing, over-spending, and over-committing.

The holidays were a major trigger for my internalized patriarchy and misogyny, which I can sum up in one short sentence: I am not good enough.

Until one year when I decided to do things differently.

I decided to let go of trying to prove to the world that I was some kind of perfect mother, wife, daughter, friend, woman.

I decided to carry my Badass Self-Care practices into the holiday season.



I invite you to join me for Badass Self-Care: Holiday Edition.

Together we will…


Stop over-working and over-giving,

Stop performing and people-pleasing,

Start nourishing ourselves and living from our truth.



Let’s release the hustle, striving, and perfectionism this season so often conjures.

Let’s create our own traditions.

Let’s continue (or begin!) our Badass Self-Care practices even when (especially when) we feel like it is the last thing we have time for.

Let’s take back our energy, our peace, our lives – no matter what the date is on the calendar.


Badass Self-Care is the practice of unpacking the bullshit messaging of patriarchy and reclaiming self-love and self-trust.


It’s about awareness, understanding, and choice.

It’s about naming the truth of our experience in this world.

It’s about understanding the impact of living inside of a culture that does not honor or support women.

It’s about women choosing to prioritize themselves in a world that tells us our needs come last, if at all.


Badass Self-Care is water, movement, naps.

Badass Self-Care is hot tea and salty baths and time with your journal.

Badass Self-Care is understanding how what you take in physically, emotionally, and energetically impacts you.

Badass Self-Care is laughing and crying and everything in between, feeling it all.

Badass Self-Care is speaking your truth.

Badass Self-Care is unpacking the lies we’ve been fed from our culture.

Badass Self-Care is choosing yourself and honoring your needs.

Badass Self-Care is knowing how to tune in and access those needs.

Badass Self-Care is getting out of your head and into your body wisdom.

Badass Self-Care is grieving the times and places we’ve discounted our truth.

Badass Self-Care is making yourself a priority.

Badass Self-Care is the art of doing nothing.

Badass Self-Care is knowing how you want to feel & consciously creating a life that fosters those feelings.

Badass Self-Care is fierce boundaries and mindful self-talk.

Badass Self-Care is knowing you deserve to rest.

Badass Self-Care is learning to receive.

Badass Self-Care is courageous conversations and emotional intimacy.

Badass Self-Care is learning to embrace the whole beautiful mess that is this life.


Badass Self-Care is sacred, slow work that goes beneath the surface. We are talking about more than pedicures and bubble baths, we are talking about shifting your mindset. We are talking about deconstructing the socio-cultural messages that deliberately undermine our ability to care for ourselves. We are talking about the reclamation of your truth, your energy, your effort, and your life.


Hi, I’m Mindy Scime! I’m a therapist, yoga teacher, and radical proponent of Badass Self-Care ®. I work with sensitive, empathic women who are exhausted from caring for others and want to learn to care for themselves. I show you how to give yourself the same beautiful care you give others and I do that by passing you a permission slip to tell the truth about your life. Standing firmly in the truth of your worth, you will learn to identify and respond to your needs, set healthy boundaries, and honor your truth. We do this work for ourselves and we do this work for our world. Because women taking care of themselves creates powerful shifts within and without.



The aim of this circle is to release the hustle, striving, and perfectionism that this time of year so often conjures and replace it with awareness, understanding, and choice so that you can practice taking beautiful care of yourself during the holiday season.


This is a 6-week program with two emails per week (part love letter, part prompt), two Q&A videos, and one group call. We will also gather in a private Facebook group so that we can counteract the isolation that comes with busy lives and lean on each other for community care, support, and encouragement. We will circle together for six weeks so that you can have support throughout the holiday season. Two weekly emails ensures that the coursework does not create additional stress, obligation or yet another item on your to-do list. Seriously: this course will not be another item on your to-do list. Instead, it will be a source of sustenance. You will look forward to savoring and spending time with the emails as an act of self-care.

Together we will explore the 6 elements of Badass Self-Care: LISTEN, GROUND, RELEASE, SPEAK, ACT, HONOR.

Week 1: LISTEN: We will practice tuning into our inner wisdom and trusting our intuitive knowing.

Week 2: GROUND: We will explore caring for our physical bodies from a place of self-compassion, body appreciation, and intuitive eating.

Week 3: RELEASE: We will identify and let go of beliefs and practices that no longer serve us.

Week 4: SPEAK: We will name our desires and allow ourselves to want.

Week 5: ACT: We will create sacred structure to support our visions and practice setting boundaries to protect our time and energy.

Week 6: HONOR: We will name our truth and honor ourselves.


Let’s release the hustle, striving, and perfectionism this season so often conjures.

Let’s take care of ourselves inside of this culture that tells us our needs don’t matter.

Let’s take back our energy, our peace, our lives – no matter what the date is on the calendar.


Join me for Badass Self-Care: Holiday Edition.

Monday 11/12 – Friday 12/21, emails every Monday and Wednesday, Q& A videos on 11/23 & 12/21, and a group call on Friday 12/7

Pay What You Can, suggested donation of $19-$89