December 23, 2013


Sweating and hungry I make a mad dash into Target. Fueled by the fear that my gifts don’t adequately convey the love and adoration I have for my friends and family, I search for something, anything, to soothe my anxiety. I fill my cart to the brim with toys, candles, chocolate, and more. My heart sinks a bit as I swipe my credit card. Some part of me knows this isn’t the answer. Silently swearing about how much I hate the cold weather, I load up my trunk and drive home. I snip at the kids and glare at my husband while we sip soup from Panera. My mind races about how I’ll find time to wrap gifts (did I forget the Santa paper?) and when I’ll be able to vacuum (the cat hair is taking over the carpet!) and do we have enough wine (is there even such a thing?). 

The worry around gift-giving is how my holiday stress manifests.

You might see yours in meal planning or decorating or party planning.

Last year I decided to do the holidays differently. On December 23rd I got an acupuncture treatment. My husband handled Christmas Eve dinner while I sipped wine. We had take-out from our favorite sushi place for Christmas dinner (for real). I released trying to prove to the world that I was some kind of perfect mother, daughter, wife, friend. I held my intention of a joyful, peaceful holiday season close at heart. I laughed. I ate homemade cookies. I drank Baileys by the fire with my man. I made videos of my kids opening their stockings. I let it be easy.

Will you join me in a revolution?

Let’s release the hustle, striving, and perfectionism this season so often conjures.

Let’s create our own traditions.

Let’s continue (or begin!) our Badass Self-Care practices even when (especially when) we feel like it is the last thing we have time for.


What: Badass Self-Care: Holiday Edition

Why: Because it’s time we let go of the struggle and have some fun

When: November 9 – 13

How: Daily videos will land in your inbox each morning at 5am, {optional} private Facebook group to connect

Cost: $0, a gift from my heart to yours

Registration is now closed.

Please note, this offering has nothing to do with religion or particular holidays. I use Christmas as an example because that is what my family celebrates. Everyone is welcome around my {virtual} table!