I can’t believe it’s not even 5pm yet! I have done so many blissful things already today!

Started the day with a walk around our gorgeous neighborhood. Got sprinkled on a little but the air was warm enough that it didn’t bother me. Came home for some coffee and yogurt with granola and blueberries – my favorite start to the day! After a shower, I checked email and made a few work-related phone calls. Then the hubby and I headed to the Farmer’s Market. I have been daydreaming about going to the Farmer’s Market for weeks! I marveled at all the yummy local fruit and veggies, but we finally settled on some corn (picked this morning!), cucumbers, eggplant, and red & green peppers. I think I’ve mentioned before my daydream about riding my bike to the Farmer’s Market and yesterday my hubby got the call that the bike is ready to be picked up – so maybe next week!

After the market, Meg and I headed to Olive Garden for soup, salad, and breadsticks. Yum! I love their Minestrone soup! Full from our delicious lunch, we went for mom and me mani/pedi hour at the local nail place. I was thinking purple for my toes, but I was swayed at the last minute by the radiant red of Opi’s An Affair to Remember. Meg and I came home from our afternoon out and decided we needed some down time. She planted herself in front of her computer and I planted myself in bed with The Red Tent. I am loving the women-centered celebrations of this book! As if this wasn’t enough bliss for the day, after reading I treated myself to an extended home yoga practice complete with candles, Donna DeLory’s sweet voice, and legs up the wall to Krishna Das. Aaaahhhhhhh….. Of course, no home yoga practice is complete without a cuddly fur baby to share it with! That is Milo above joining me on my mat! I love how you can see the ever-present cat hair on my black pants :-)

More than likely most of your days do not allow for so much free time dedicated to all the things you love best. I usually don’t enjoy the privilege of so much wonderfulness in one day myself! Especially before 5pm! So here are some ideas for infusing your (work) day with bliss:

  • Take a fresh air break. This is like a smoke break without the smoking! Think about it, if you work with people who smoke they likely go outside several times during the day and take a smoke break so go ahead and treat yourself to a fresh air break!

  • Close your eyes and take ten deep breaths.

  • Do a yoga pose at your desk. Go for a seated forward bend for a calming effect or a seated back bend to help you re-energize. I’m also a fan of the seated cat/cow and seated twist.

  • Actually take your lunch hour! Where I used to work (you know like less than 2 weeks ago!), almost no one took an actual lunch hour, myself included. We gobbled down our lunch while working in front of our computers. Yuck! Go outside, eat with friends, take a walk, get a pedicure, read a book, catch up on your favorite blogs, write in your journal, do whatever refreshes you mid-day. The lunch break was invented for a reason!

Wishing you many blissful moments!