When you work for another person or company you have an annual review where your performance is critiqued and constructive feedback is dolled out. At least I assume you do. I’ve only had one “real job” in my life and they actually didn’t do this. Anyhow, I’m doing it for myself. Recently I sat down with myself and reviewed my performance this year. This is how I imagine it would go if I had a boss…

Dear Mindy,
This year you kicked ass at….
  • Saying no to non-ideal work
  • Honoring your limits (number of work hours, turning off the work phone, etc)
  • Self-care
  • Blogging with heart
  • Getting clear on your why
  • Continuing to study and learn new
Your major accomplishments were…
  • Renting one office
  • Hiring yoga teacher substitutes
For 2012 I’d like to see you focus on…
  • Defining financial goals
  • Mindful connection through social media
  • Using your brilliance to create new programs (working ON the business vs. IN the business)
  • Devising a system to manage the accounting and/or truly delegating this task
We’re so honored to have you working for us! Please let us know how we can support you in the upcoming year.
The Bosses
And since they asked, I’d have to reply…
Dear Bosses,
Thank you for your honest feedback! Here’s what I need from you in order to support me in my growth this year…
  • Scheduled time to work ON the business. Routine is very helpful for me so it’d be great if this could be the same day/time every week/month. Also, please do not view this time as “that hour we can fill up with other more important stuff if needed.” Pretend like I’m at the dentist or something.
  • A more organized home office space. When it takes me 15 minutes just to find what I need to get started it’s hard for me to accomplish much.
  • Super cool journals and pens. Because they make working more fun.
  • Permission to invest some money in order to make some cool stuff happen.