Today was not my best day.

If you’re local maybe you spotted me this afternoon yelling at my daughter in the rain in front of Starbucks. (I hope not.)

I could delineate all of the reasons why I lost my shit but that’s not really the point.

The point is this: There will be days like this. It doesn’t matter how evolved I think I’ve become or how many hours of yoga I clock in per week or how it’s literally my job to help people deal with their personal struggles. I’ve still got shit of my own. And that is okay.

I tend to forget that last part. That those yelling-in-the-rain-in-front-of-Starbucks moments are a part of life. A part of the process. A part of me. If I reject those moments, I reject a part of myself. And that’s not cool.

For me, it’s about what you do when those moments hit.

For me yelling in the rain (as opposed to singing in the rain) is a clear sign that some need of mine is not being met. So I step back, take a deep breath, and ask myself what I need. Then I go and get it. Cause I’m on my side like that. Even when I’m acting kind of crazy over a pumpkin spice latte.