January has been everything I imagined and more! Let’s review…

January Dreams:

  • Host fabulous mini-retreat at the studio: DONE! And it sold out :)
  • Incorporate new morning and evening routine to bookend my day in mindfulness (inspired by Kimberly Wilson’s Traquilologie): DONE!
  • Teach, encourage, + inspire during Dare to Live Your Dreams Online Circle: In progress!
  • Indulge in a massage + facial + pedicure: DONE!
  • Go on a date with my husband: DONE! First time out alone together in 7 months :)
  • Take 2 yoga classes: DONE!
  • Go on an Artist Date: DONE!
  • Finish Year in Review blog posts: DONE!
  • Ask for help with a referral to work with on my new website (!): DONE!
  • Pen financial goals for 2012: DONE!
In addition I completed my first TV interview, was invited to join a fabulous Mastermind group, and had an initial phone consultation about my new website! So basically January has been amazing!

February Dreams:

Each month to remind myself of my dreams I find an inspiring image, tape it into my Planner Pad adjacent to the monthly calendar view, and jot my dreams there. In the above picture you can also see part of my month and how I use highlighters to color code work and play time. This helps me ensure I have a balance between the two that feels right for me because I can see at a glance how much “me” time is scheduled. What are you dreaming of this month?