Hello! I hope you are having a Fabulous Friday!

I am in a strange pattern of alternating between cleaning the house and completing work tasks. I will sit at the computer for a bit and then go downstairs and vacuum. Feels a bit peculiar, but I am going with it…

Anyways, I was taking a mini-break in between phone calls and I just discovered that I won a blog give-away from Kelly Rae Roberts!!!!! I have never won a blog give-away before and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Especially since I won a gorgeous bracelet from Gwynnie B Designs!!!!

Hence… Friday Just Got Better!

I typically take Friday as my day off and I have not honored that so far today. I was going to list for you all of my excuses why I am sabotaging my day off, but instead I am just going to get off of the computer and go get a pedicure :-)