Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in Jamie Ridler’s first-ever Full Moon Dreamboard Telecircle!

A dreamboard is another term for vision board or inspiration board, as Kimberly Wilson calls them. Basically, you gather images of what you want to bring into your life and collage them together. I am a huge fan of this practice!

I usually make 1 board in January of all the things I hope to bring to fruition throughout the year. I hang it above my desk at home and glance at it often to remind me of my intentions for the year. So it was a bit different for me to make a mid-year board, but I am a huge fan of Jamie’s blog and I thought this would be a great way to have some interaction with her.

Jamie was as kind and inspiring as I had imagined her to be! I loved the process of completing a dreamboard as part of a group. It was interesting to hear about other people’s process and what they were dreaming about.

From creating my dreamboard I realized I am craving some PLAY time!!! My board is filled with images of relaxation – reading in a hammock, a beautiful beach, parties with family and friends. These are things I want my summer to be made up of!

I also had another insight after this process. I have been spending a lot of time lately working on and thinking about my businesses and the next steps for them (a la E-Myth). I have been feeling pressured to “figure it all out” (and QUICKLY please) and I think that trying so hard is not helping my cause. I believe that if I take some time to relax and not think so hard about it, I will be more likely to discover the answers that I am seeking. And heck, if not I will certainly enjoy myself this summer as I focus on soaking up the sun!