Some of you might be thinking that an evening walk with Nik Wallenda would be a better choice than taking a painting class! 

I beg you not to take one. 
one of my intuitive painting pieces ~Mindy 

With that said, I encourage you try an intuitive painting class instead.  

What is intuitive painting? Well, to me it is acting on your whims. It is playing with paint like a small child. 

Have you ever watched children paint? 

They just spread colors willy nilly and they often make a mess. 
They experiment and they don’t give it much thought. 

I asked my 6 year old son what he thinks about when he paints a picture. He turned his head to the side, scrunched up his face and he replied “nothing”.  He simply plays with paint. When was the last time you had permission to just be who you are with zero judgment and no expectations?An intuitive painting class can provide a nourishing environment where one can feel comfortable to stop thinking and just have some willy nilly fun!

Jennifer Winarski
Creative, artist, homemaker and blogger.

P.S.  There are just 4 spots left for my Women’s Yoga & Creativity Mini-Retreat on July 21st featuring an awesome Intuitive Painting workshop with Jenn! You can reserve your space by contacting me at or 716-939-0892.