First, make a list of all the times you’ve done things you never thought you could do. Remind yourself that you are a brave badass. Because you are.


Second, take exquisite care of your body. You might think drinking wine and eating ice cream and watching Netflix will make it easier to do the hard thing but trust me I speak from experience when I say, those things won’t help you in the long run. Drink water, eat your veggies, go outside, sweat, stretch, get enough sleep.


Next, enlist the power of your mind. There are (at least) three parts here.


(1) What is the story you are telling yourself about this hard thing? Is it true? Can you know for sure? Is it helpful? Write a new story. Literally Read it in the morning and before you go to bed. Reprogram your mind around the hard thing.


(2) Watch how you are talking about the hard thing to other people. Words are powerful. Speak the new story out loud, over and over.


(3) Consciously choose your thoughts about yourself, others, and the world in relation to the hard thing. Create a mantra or affirmation to support you before and during the hard thing. Write it on a post it note, program it into your phone as a reminder. Repeat it often.


Then, call on the power of spirit. Pray. Meditate. Visualize. Ask for a blessing. Get quiet and listen hard to what comes through. Imagine yourself doing the hard thing and everything going swimmingly.


Finally, just do the hard thing. We often build things up in our minds and it can keep us stuck. Dig deep, find the courage, and just do it. I promise that you will feel better/lighter/stronger on the other side.


We can do hard things, even things we never thought we could do.