This was my first week back to work. Today I realized that I’ve spent so much of this week wishing things were different that I’ve stolen precious time from myself.

I’ve been wishing I didn’t have to work when I could’ve been appreciating having work to do that I love & feeling grateful for the flexibility of being an entrepreneur.

I’ve been wishing Melaina would sleep through the night again when I could’ve been soaking up her precious baby cheeks or giggling at her awesome hair.

I’ve been wishing I could “just get something done” around the house when I could’ve been basking in permission to relax and enjoy my time at home.

So now I promise myself that I will not steal any more time wishing my life away.

It’s time to return to acceptance of how things are and let go of struggling to change.

It’s time to return to the present moment and let go of anxiety about the future.

It’s time to return to trusting my heart and let go of doubting myself.

I will do this by breathing deeply, approaching my life from a place of love (not fear), seeing with grateful eyes and recognizing all the abundance in my life, and letting go of the expectations & judgements that have been hanging around my head. Finding peace with the present moment doesn’t mean letting go of my aspirations for the future. It’s a balance of effort and surrender, as well as discipline and contentment.