Warrior 1,

Warrior 2,

Reverse Warrior,

Side Angle,

Warrior 2,



Upward Facing Dog,

Downward Facing Dog.


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Around me I hear the breath of my fellow yogis.


Some gasping for air by this point in the practice.

Others breathing slowly and steadily.

None at the same pace as me.


Somehow today instead of the others’ audible inhales and exhales being a distraction they remind me to go back inside my own breath. Instead of trying to keep up or catch up I notice I’m flowing at my own pace. I don’t feel exhausted or out of breath. I am really, truly in my own breath. In my own body, my own experience. Everything else falls away and in flows a beautiful sense of ease even in the midst of a challenging vinyasa sequence.


I occurs to me that this is just like life off of the mat. When I can stay in my own breath, my own body, my own experience that same sense of ease flows into my life. When I let go of worrying about what other people are doing, when I release trying to take care of others’ feelings, when I relinquish trying to control anything outside of myself then (and only then) peace takes over.


How can you be in your own breath this week?