This morning I laced up my running shoes, settled Lainey into the jogging stroller, and hit the pavement.

My body felt more fatigued than usual, exhausted from another night of waking up every two hours, sluggish from my late night snacks in front of the TV last night.

As I pushed the jogging stroller uphill, my feet barely moving I thought, “What’s the point?

A tiny voice inside me chimed in, “Just keep moving. Baby steps are better than no steps.”

So I kept going.

And you know what? You can run 2.5 miles one baby step at a time. Before I knew it my run was over.

If I’d turned back at that first hill I would’ve missed out on breathing fresh air, having time to clear my head, and most of all that awesome feeling that comes from finishing something challenging.

It’s the same with life. You can build amazing, seemingly impossible things one baby step at a time.

Stop putting off your dreams because you think you don’t have time, energy, or resources. Craft your big vision and make a list of 5, 10, or 20 baby steps toward it. Then allow yourself to just start moving toward what you want (starting is always the hardest part for me). One baby step at a time. And remember: just keep going!


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