Time to review last month’s dreams and plan for the upcoming weeks! I hope you’ll join me in this practice!

February Dreams:

  • Participate in Darrah Parer’s Slice of Life Project (I won a spot at a give away on Roots of She!): DONE
  • Indulge in Spa Day with my BFFs: DONE, complete with heavenly hot stone massage
  • Savor a date with my husband: DONE
  • Finish 2011 accounting and prep for meeting with accountant (ugh…): DONE
  • Take 2 yoga classes: DONE
  • Make a green smoothie: DONE. I blended up kale, blueberries, and bananas. And promptly spilled half of it on the cream carpet… sigh…
  • Read 3 chapters from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy book: DONE. Totally in love with this approach. I’m paraphrasing but one of my favorite quotes, “What if we think about our clients more as beautiful sunsets to witness and less like math problems to be solved.” Swoon…
  • Complete my assignment from the website consultant: DONE. Very excited about this project!

March Dreams:

  • Finish current book & start another
  • Finalize Women’s Spring Rejuvenation Retreat details
  • Write content for new website
  • Take 2 yoga classes
  • Clean & redecorate for Spring at the wellness center
  • Move more! Walk outside when possible, go to Zumba class, look into a jogging stroller
  • Clear off my desk at home
What are you dreaming of creating this month? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!