How are things in your corner of the world?


I’ve declared October the month of releasing and I’m already feeling clearer and calmer from the small steps I’ve taken so far to press the reset button. As I turn inward and become more reflective I’ve spent some time journaling about where I am now and my next steps. This is a practice I engage in often and ever since I quit my job and became a full-time entrepreneur the answer is usually the same: things are awesome! Invariably my next question is, so what’s next? I aim to strike a balance between resting in contentment and gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life and continuing to evolve and move closer to my life’s purpose.

I know in my heart that bringing groups of like-minded women together is a huge part of my life’s work. Something magical happens when women come together in a sacred space devoted to nurturing themselves. It is a transformative and very powerful experience. This is why I love leading women’s retreats.


Waiting for my beloved retreaters to arrive!


Without fail at the end of every retreat I find myself gushing (and often crying) about how I feel so honored to be there and how grateful I am to the women for allowing me to do this work in the world.

Typically I host retreats on a Saturday for three to six hours. After my summer mini-retreat I thought to myself, “if this much amazingness unfolds in a few hours imagine what would be allowed to come through if we had an entire weekend together!”


You can never have too many magazines when you're creating a vision of your Big Dreams!


This Big Dream started like most do for me.

A tiny inkling in my mind, a wild idea for “someday.”

It quickly evolved as I took the brave baby steps I’ve learned to cultivate over the past few years.

I began by speaking it out loud in a maybe-sort-of way to supportive people.

Then I moved on to the I’m-going-to-make-this-happen phase. I spent some quality time with a blank piece of unlined paper. (This is how I begin all Big Dream projects these days.) I allowed myself to dream about what the weekend would look like, who would be there, how we would feel, what we would do together. Then I made a list of many teeny tiny baby steps to bring this Big Dream to life.

And now… as they say, it’s all happening!

I couldn’t be happier! I know that this weekend will be AMAZING and life-changing! There are only 12 spaces available and details will be forthcoming but for now I wanted to share this information here with my beloved readers and let you know to save the date for January 4-6, 2013 for the Women’s New Year Retreat: Reconnect with your true self and craft your vision for 2013.

I have goosebumps just thinking about it!