Life is busy.

You are a caregiver – at work, at home, or (most likely) both at work and at home.


You give and give and give some more until you are exhausted and overwhelmed, maybe even anxious and depressed.

The truth is you’re burnt out.

You’re not even sure where to begin so you just keep plugging along, doing the best you can and pushing your needs aside.

Deep inside you know something has to give but you can’t find the time to create the change you crave.


This is your invitation to pause.


To take a day just for you,

To give yourself the space to be with your heart,

To allow yourself to be cared for,

To acknowledge your needs and wants,

To refill your inner well,

To set everything aside and focus on you, just for today.



My Sacred Pause is a private, therapeutic retreat. I will design the day based on your intention for our time together. Activities will include yoga, meditation, therapy, and/or coaching, all of which will be individualized to meet your specific needs. No previous experience is required.


One day just for you.


To breathe,

To reflect,

To move,

To release,

To heal,

To cry,

To pray,

To laugh,

To rest,

To plan,

To renew.



Hi! I’m Mindy Scime, Ph.D. and I am inviting you to join me for My Sacred Pause: A private therapeutic retreat. I am a licensed psychologist, certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and the creator of Badass Self-Care®. I have more than a decade of therapeutic experience specializing in women’s issues. My approach to therapy (and life) is feminist and trauma-informed. I have completed post-graduate training in somatic experiencing, EMDR, and yoga for survivors of sexual assault. I am a wife and a mom to two amazing daughters, ages 7 and 20. I am a woman working, living, and loving inside of this patriarchal society that is a daily mindfuck. I care deeply about helping women heal and dismantling the systems that contribute to our suffering. My academic training and personal and professional experience means that when you choose to work with me you are getting a deeply compassionate professional trained in both mind and body modalities. All of my offerings are informed by my knowledge of evidence-based strategies as well as my practical experience in the field as a psychologist, yoga teacher, and human.


The aim of My Sacred Pause is to give you space to turn inward, claim the truth that is your life (the beautiful bits and the hard parts), acknowledge your needs and desires, and create a plan to take you from burn out and overwhelm into self-care and feeling present, grounded, and joyful inside of your life.


Your Private Therapeutic Retreat Includes:

~ A phone consultation prior to your retreat (20 minutes)

~ A gift bag of goodies to support you during the retreat and afterward as you continue your journey

~ A full day of private, individualized treatments including yoga, meditation, therapy, and/or coaching

~ Snacks & beverages throughout the day

~ Lunch at a local restaurant (dietary restrictions will be honored)

~ A personalized plan with concrete action steps for you to implement post-retreat to keep the momentum flowing

~ A post-retreat phone consultation to check-in (20 minutes)


My Sacred Pause retreats are held at Living Wellness of Niagara in Niagara Falls, NY.

Retreats are typically scheduled from 10am – 4pm.

Accommodations and transportation to the wellness center are not included in pricing. 



How are you, really?


What’s working in your life?

What is asking to be released or shifted?

What do you need?

What do you want?

How can you care for others and nourish yourself?

How can you create a life that supports you feeling the way you want to feel?

What steps will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be?


Let’s explore all of this and more.


Join me for My Sacred Pause.

Apply here.


Investment: $699


Payments can be made after I review your application and determine if we are a good fit.