Find space and calm within the life you already have.


You have a lot on your plate.

Caregiving for your people and your community.

Doing your beautiful work in this world.

Maybe you find yourself thinking, “I’ll be able to relax when…


… the kids get settled.

… I find a new job.

… I pay off my debt.

… the house is finally decluttered.

… my friend is on the other side of her struggle.

… I finish this big project at work.

… I’m done with school.”


You want to make time for relaxation and just being but it feels like there is so much to do all.the.time.

We can live a whole life this way – waiting for the right time to pause, to rest.

The bar seems to keep moving, always a bit out of reach.



Peace feels like an elusive thing. It might even feel impossible given your current circumstances.

You may feel like a victim of your life, even if it’s the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You may feel beholden to your calendar or schedule, rushing from one thing to the next.

You may find yourself losing your temper or overwhelmed and crying in the bathroom.

Maybe you are moving through life with your breath up in your chest and your shoulders tensed up to your ears.

Maybe every Sunday night finds you with your stomach in a knot.

Maybe life feels downright exhausting.

Maybe it feels like everything is being held together by the tiniest thread and it could break at any minute.

Maybe you just feel like you’re going through the motions. Nothing is wrong, but nothing really feels right either.


You are not alone.


Modern life is frenetic and hurried and disconnected.

The truth is we are so busy focusing on the next thing that we are missing out on our lives.

Life is happening right here, right now. But too often we get stuck replaying the past or worrying about the future.


Let’s choose to be another way.


Let’s pause and notice and be where we are.

Let’s stop waiting for things to change and learn to find peace now.

Let’s let go of wishing life were different or easier or less busy and take back the power we have to shape our experience here now.

Let’s stop trying to be everything to everyone all the time.

Let’s protect our energy.

Let’s slow down.



We can become more in tune with what really matters to us.

We can opt out of systems and relationships and habits that don’t support how we want to feel.

We can practice staying connected to our intentions while releasing expectations.

We can honor and protect the boundaries that allow us to be the best version of ourselves.

We can find space and calm within the life we already have.


Hi, I’m Mindy Scime! I’m a therapist, yoga teacher, and radical proponent of Badass Self-Care. I work with sensitive, empathic women who are devoted to doing inner work and creating outer change. I show you how to give yourself the same beautiful care you give others and I do that by passing you a permission slip to tell the truth about your life. We do this work for ourselves and we do this work for our world. Because women reclaiming their worth creates powerful shifts within and without. You deserve to feel the way you want to feel. Let’s work together on making that happen.






The aim of this mini-course is to help you find space and calm within your current life. There is no need for sweeping changes. We can find moments of peace and feel the way we want to feel without turning our lives upside down. We do that by slowing down and getting present in our daily lives. There will not be any fancy, complicated tools in this mini-course. Instead, I will be sharing simple strategies that help us bring more mindfulness into our days. Our first two weeks together will be dedicated to proactively creating a life with breathing room. In our final week we will explore practices for when shit goes awry. Because it will. In addition to the email content, you will also receive three recorded meditation practices to use during the course and hopefully, long after it ends too!


The details:


We spend 3 weeks together exploring mindfulness practices so that you can feel more present and grounded.

You will receive an email every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These are part love letter, part prompt because I learn and teach through story. Monday emails will also include a link to a recorded meditation practice so you can add some formal practice into your days.

We gather in a private Facebook group so that you can have access to me for any questions, connect with your fellow participants, share your experience in a sacred space, and be witnessed during your process. To me a sacred space is a place where you can show up as you are and receive love and acceptance without judgment. This mini-course is open to anyone. No racist, misogynist, heterosexist, or transphobic comments will be tolerated.


Peace is your true nature, even if you’ve forgotten.

Let’s remember together.

My Sacred Slowdown: The Art of Being Here, Now


We begin by opening our circle on Sunday, October 14, 2018.


Emails will arrive Monday, October 15, 2018 – Friday November 2, 2018.


A Pay What You Can Program: $9 – $49 investment