Recently, I was watching a video by the lovely Liz Lamoreux and she happened to mention her daughter’s babysitter was arriving soon. As I heard her speak those words a light bulb went off for me. I could have my very own babysitter for Lainy. Truly this thought had never occurred to me (it’s funny how our minds shut out possibility).

Lainy’s babysitter starts next week. I feel nervous and excited, guilty and relieved all at the same time.
That one sentence in the video was the permission slip I needed to ask for the help I had been craving. She does it, so I can too. Too often we are sitting around waiting for permission.
Today I’d like to give you your very own permission slip. Permission to ask for whatever you need.
Permission to rest.
Permission to go for it.
Permission to call in sick.
Permission to ask for help.
Permission to make the call.
Permission to say no.
Permission to say yes.
Permission to quit.
Permission to start.
Permission to love yourself exactly as you are today.
Permission to stop trying so hard.
Permission to create.
Permission to tell your story.
Permission to let go.
Tell me what you’re needing and I will send you a permission slip via email or snail mail. Your choice. Leave a comment with your address or send me an email at and I’ll send you your permission slip. Not because you need my permission (or anyone else’s) but because I want to support you in whatever you are needing right now.