I am learning trying to learn to embrace the space between.



Practicing turning toward, rather than away from the uncertainty.

Breathing through my inability to see the big picture.

Feeling my way into the grey that is my now – not quite the old me and not yet fully the woman I am becoming.


Honestly, I am pretty terrible at it. I resist this in-between space so, so much.

A few guideposts that are easing my journey so far…



Clearing away the old to make room for the new. Message after message to create space. I unsubscribe from newsletters I once loved. I look in my closet and decide to give away most of my clothes. I’m finally able to part with my daughter’s baby things.


Being guided by the feeling. With no clear path I follow the feeling. At the top of my calendar I write, “How do I want to feel today?” and let that carry me through my day.


Looking within. Frustrated and craving answers I get quiet and listen for my intuition. “Just do the next right thing,” she says.


Reminding myself that the journey deserves to feel like the destination. What am I on my way toward? Why do I want it? Why do any of us want anything? Because of how we think it will make us feel. Joy, gratitude, and fun are my guides. I choose in alignment with what calls them in.


Practicing brave, badass self-care. Monthly massages. Weekly yoga. Water and more water. Saying no. Saying yes. Speaking my truth. Disconnecting from technology. Reading. Writing. Running. Breathing.


Seeking beauty in the space between.