Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation. ~Audre Lorde

Our topic for the Women’s Wellness Workshop on Sunday was “Self-Care in Times of Stress.” After a relaxing yoga practice with lots of balasana throughout, the participants rested in savasana as I guided them through a meditation. We spent the rest of our time together journaling about self-care and then making Self-Care Cards. Cheryl Richardson has created a deck of Self-Care Cards that we used as inspiration while we each dreamed up our own version.

This is a picture of a card I made. It focuses on ways I can take care of myself physically. For me that means eating right, getting enough sleep, and moving my body as much as possible!

There are many other areas of self-care, such as social connections, emotional outlets, taking a break from the situation, and more! I think homemade Self-Care Cards are a great visual reminder for not only stressful times, but everyday! They are fun to make, sort of like a mini collage, so why not give it a try?