My friends and family lovingly joke about the number of selfies I take. For me, taking and sharing a picture of myself is a self-care and self-love practice. Selfies are about seeing myself with kindness and honoring who I am at any given moment in time. They remind me to look into my own eyes with love and kindness. They allow me to shift my perspective, my mood, my day.


For every selfie I post there are at least 10-20 that I don’t. I think it is important for people to know this. To remember that each picture captures only one angle, one filtered piece of me and my life. This is part of the beauty. We get to choose what we focus on, what we highlight from the bigger picture. Same goes for life.

On Saturday, I shared this pictured on my Instagram feed:

Finishing up at work and playing with collar bone selfies.


A few hours later I felt compelled to share this picture with the following caption:

This is another I took earlier. I didn’t like the mark from a cold sore that’s healing or the way my neck looked. The truth is that this picture and my earlier one were taken in the exact same moment. The beauty and the flaws are all part of my truth right here, right now. #lifeintheampersand


This is what it’s all about for me right now. Embracing it all. Dancing with the light and the dark. I’m done denying parts of myself to try to fit into an artificial box that makes life easier to understand. Life is messy and it’s complicated and it’s freaking brutiful. I’m learning to open to it all. I’m living in the ampersand.