I have a deep reverence for the practice of self-portraiture.


Pausing to take a picture of myself is one of the ways I honor my journey and nourish my soul.

A selfie paired with a few true words grounds me in the most amazing way and allowing myself to be seen in my truth has become a beautiful gift of self-love. Take the pictures above – when I look at these pictures of me I see my becoming. I see everything and everyone and everywhere that lead up to the moment captured here, a moment where I (finally) felt completely in love with the space between. These pictures hold pieces of my story within them.


I see a woman allowing herself to celebrate, even though it is such an edge.


I see a woman standing in her power and owning her truth, even though it might make some people uncomfortable.


I see a woman in love with life, even though she sometimes struggles with really dark places.


I see a woman overflowing with gratitude and filled with fierce trust, even though so much feels unclear.


I see a woman in love with her body who feels sexier than ever, even though she weighs more now than ever before.


I see a woman able to find happiness inside of all the questions, the unknown.


I see a woman not needing a damn thing to feel complete.


I want more of us to experience the gift of being seen in this way.


Selfies as a way to honor yourself, your becoming.

Selfies as a way to own your truth.

Selfies as an invitation to allow yourself to be seen in your joy, your sadness, your celebration, your grief.

Selfies as an invitation to find beauty inside the hard places.

Selfies as {Badass} Self-Care.