My Sacred Pause: Daily practices for reclaiming self-love and self-trust


“You are not a problem to be fixed.

There is nothing wrong with you.

In fact, everything you need is already within you.

I want to help you wake up what is already within you.

I want to help you remember – your worth, your truth, your joy.

I want to help you create a sacred inner space where you can witness yourself and your process with self-compassion.

That is the purpose of this book – the work of reclaiming self-love and self-trust.”

~ excerpt from My Sacred Pause by Mindy Scime, Ph.D.

My Sacred Pause is a daybook – a collection of essays meant to be read each day. My intention is to offer you a moment of mindfulness each day. I imagine women creating a ritual of opening the book each morning while they sip their tea or coffee and taking a few minutes to turn inward and reflect on that day’s message. My hope is that you will carry the ideas with you and find moments of presence within your daily life.

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Breathing Room: A Toolkit for Preventing & Managing Anxiety


I have lived with anxiety for 25 years.

I had my first panic attack when I was 14 years old.

My first year of college, there were days when I couldn’t leave my dorm room because my anxiety was so intense.

I carried a bottle of Xanax in my purse throughout my twenties.

I hated Savasana for the first five years of my yoga practice because as soon as I laid still to relax my anxiety spiked.

I have spent many nights laying in bed replaying every awkward thing I’ve ever said or done, worrying about what other people think of me.

I have walked through the world with a general sense of dread, even though nothing was wrong.

And I have learned to manage and cope with anxiety so that I can relax and enjoy my life.

I have learned how to calm my body and my mind.

I have learned what my nervous system needs to feel steady and supported.

And it changed everything.


I created Breathing Room: A toolkit for preventing and managing anxiety based on my personal experience of living with anxiety and my professional experiences as a licensed psychologist and certified trauma-informed yoga teacher. The toolkit consists of 12 videos and includes a variety of breathing techniques, meditations, and cognitive coping tools that help foster a sense of peace and calm in the mind and body. The videos can be downloaded to your device or watched through the Vimeo website or app. Complete your purchase by clicking the “buy now” button below and within 24 hours you will receive one email with links to the 12 videos.

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Brave: A Video Series



Brave: A video series

In this 9-part video series I talk about my journey into entrepreneurship, self-care, and more. I share the practices that I use to create a life grounded in my own divine wisdom. I created these videos because I want my stories to be a catalyst for connection between me and my community. The Mindful Badasses are gathering (if you are reading this you are one!) and we are going to transform the world with our bravery, our vulnerability, our magical gifts.

Investment: $0, a gift from my heart to yours

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