Stop over-working and over-giving and start putting yourself at the top of the priority list.


Badass Self-Care is the radical practice of women prioritizing themselves in a world that tells them their needs come last, if at all.


That overwhelming, relentless social message is one of the main reasons why we end up exhausted, burned out, and feeling like shells of ourselves.


The message that a woman’s needs don’t matter is a lie.

It’s a lie that’s meant to keep you small and frantic and constantly striving.

It’s a lie that’s meant to make your life all about service to other people’s agendas rather than creating your own life and your own agenda.


Let’s reject that lie and that life.


Let’s be badass women who say no to performing and people-pleasing…


…and yes to nourishing ourselves and one another.


Let’s take back our lives, our autonomy, our energy, and our peace.


That’s what The Circle is all about.



Badass Self-Care: The Circle is a 6-month group program in which you learn and practice the principles of Badass Self-Care so that you can be the center of your own life. Because you deserve your own care, love, and attention.


How do we begin to practice Badass Self-Care?


By naming the lies and claiming the truth.


The world we live in feeds us lies.


Patriarchy tells women that we are less than; that how we look is the most important aspect of ourselves; that we have to hustle to prove our worth; that our needs do not matter.


We internalize those messages and they subconsciously drive us to constantly strive to be flawless and likeable and perfect. This way of being is not sustainable.


The lies of patriarchy are running our lives and running us out of energy.


So let’s tell the truth.


The truth is women are worthy of safety and respect.

The truth is we do not have to earn our worthiness, it is our innate right.

The truth is we are not less than.

The truth is we deserve to take care of ourselves.



Badass Self-Care: The Circle is sacred, slow work that goes beneath the surface. We are talking about more than pedicures and bubble baths, we are talking about shifting your mindset. We are talking about deconstructing the socio-cultural messages that deliberately undermine our ability to care for ourselves. We are talking about Badass Self-Care and the radical reclamation of your truth, your energy, your effort, and your life.


Hi, I’m Mindy Scime! I’m a therapist, yoga teacher, and radical proponent of Badass Self-Care ®. I work with sensitive, empathic women who are exhausted from caring for others and want to learn to care for themselves. I show you how to give yourself the same beautiful care you give others and I do that by passing you a permission slip to tell the truth about your life. Standing firmly in the truth of your worth, you will learn to identify and respond to your needs, set healthy boundaries, and honor your truth. We do this work for ourselves and we do this work for our world. Because women taking care of themselves creates powerful shifts within and without.


The aim of this circle is to learn to take exquisite care of yourself. Before you can do that you need to understand that you are worthy of care. You need to peel back the layers of socio-cultural and familial conditioning.


We do that by taking a critical look at the messages we’ve received from a young age. We unpack the lies of diet culture and the thin-ideal. We articulate what it feels like to live inside of rape culture. We learn to treat ourselves with self-compassion. We examine our self-talk and question where our beliefs came from. We allow ourselves to grieve, together, the times and places we have discounted our truth. We learn to tune into our internal wisdom, to trust ourselves. We explore what holds us back from considering what we want, both personally and in the larger social context. We practice being brave and allowing ourselves to want, to dream. We explore our cycles as women and honor the feminine within and around us.


This is a 6 month program with two emails per week (part love letter, part prompt) plus a monthly group call with me. We will also gather in a private Facebook group so that we can counteract the isolation that comes with busy lives and lean on each other for community care, support, and encouragement.


The sacred container for our work:


1. We circle together for six months so that you can have time and space to unravel and explore the topics. Dedicating six months to yourself helps you commit to your self-care as a way of life. It counteracts the cultural lie that you need to earn your space in the world with your endless labor and sends a message to yourself, over and over again, that you are valuable and worthy. Six months together allows us to build a sense of community, fostering safety and connection.


2. You receive two emails per week (part love letter, part prompt). You receive two emails per week so that you can marinate in the prompts. Emails will arrive on Monday and Wednesday at 5am EST. Two weekly emails ensures that the coursework does not create additional stress, obligation, or yet another item on your to-do list. Seriously: this course will not be another item on your to-do list. Instead, it will be a source of sustenance. You will look forward to savoring and spending time with the emails as an act of self-care.


3. Each month I send one video where I answer your questions and share stories of my own self-care journey. Each month I make you a video so that your questions can be given the time and attention they deserve. You will hear questions from others in the circle, as well as stories from my own journey. We learn from each other and this helps us remember we are not alone on the path.


4. We have one group call per month. Once a month we gather for a group call so that you can connect deeper with me and your fellow participants. Typically, I lead us through a short grounding exercise, share quotes or passages relevant to our monthly topic, and include time for 1:1 coaching. Monthly group calls will be on the third Friday of the month at 12pm EST (first call is February 16th). Calls will be recorded if you can’t attend live.


5. There is a private Facebook group for connection. We commune in a private Facebook group so that you can easily connect with your fellow participants, receive support, and celebrate your successes on a platform you are already using.


6. Together we will explore the 6 components of Badass Self-Care: LISTEN, GROUND, RELEASE, SPEAK, ACT, HONOR. We explore the six components that comprise Badass Self-Care so that you can address all the layers of what it means to care for yourself as a woman in this culture.

Month 1: LISTEN

We will examine how, when, and where we have learned to discount our truth. We will learn how the voices and contributions of women have been (and still are) erased from society. We will learn to tune into our internal wisdom. We will learn to trust ourselves and our intuition.

Month 2: RELEASE

We will bring awareness to our external surroundings, as well as our internal dialogue. We will clear space in our homes and in our minds. We will explore the familial, social, and cultural origins of beliefs that no longer serve us.

Month 3: GROUND

We will explore caring for our physical bodies. We will discuss the messages we receive from society about our bodies, including the thin-ideal, diet culture, and rape culture. We will bring awareness to the ubiquitous messages we receive about women as objects and the repercussions of those messages. We will learn about alternative ways to be in relationship with our bodies, including self-compassion, body appreciation, and intuitive eating.

Month 4: SPEAK

We will explore what holds us back from considering what we want, both within our personal lives and within the broader sociocultural context. We will name our dreams and desires. We will allow ourselves to want.

Month 5: ACT

We will take action to support our dreams and desires. We will create sacred structure to support our visions. We will practice setting boundaries to protect our time and energy. We will discuss why these tasks can feel so challenging for women.

Month 6: HONOR

We will explore our cycles as women – the moon cycle, the menstrual cycle, and feminine archetypes. We will discuss the many ways feminine characteristics and values have been demeaned in our culture. We will dive far back into history to a time where women were revered as sacred. We will embody the truth that being feminine – cyclical and inconsistent- is a gift to be honored.




The Change You Will Experience from Your Time in

Badass Self-Care: The Circle


When you are grounded in care and truth…


You will stop:

:: saying yes when you mean no

:: incessantly comparing yourself to others

:: working to prove your worth

:: rushing through your life

:: swallowing your words to keep the peace

:: feeling guilty for prioritizing your needs


You will understand:

:: how patriarchal conditioning impacts your self-talk & self-image

:: why our culture is set up to make you feel like you’re not good enough

:: that the system is broken, not you


You will know:

:: you are enough just as you are, right here right now

:: you are not alone

:: you inherently deserve love, safety, and respect

:: you can trust yourself


This is why we do the work of naming the lies and claiming the truth.


This is why we practice living the truth with one another, in The Circle. We’re training. Growing stronger, more resilient, more resolute.


We do it so we can stop over-working, over-giving, people-pleasing, and getting burned out.

We do it so we can be more of ourselves.

We do it to fortify and take care of ourselves and each other.


So let’s name the lies and claim our truth.

Let’s take care of ourselves inside of this culture that tells us our needs don’t matter.

Let’s shift our mindset and create change, within and without.


Join me for a six-month deep dive beyond burnout and into Badass Self-Care.


That’s the place and the peace you’ll claim for yourself in The Circle.


Join us.

We begin on Monday, February 5, 2018.

Investment: $49/month, for six consecutive months