Good afternoon darling readers!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying a fabulous Friday!

Let me tell you about my day so far…

I awoke naturally around 8:30am, today being the only day this week I do not have to set an alarm. I wandered downstairs and found the hubby making his coffee, which meant I couldn’t make mine (he drinks regular and I am strictly decaf now). So I meandered back upstairs, started checking email and pondering what to do with the day. I worked on my book for a few minutes, but was feeling uninspired so I went back online to browse some blogs.

Eventually, I went back downstairs to make my coffee and chat with the hubby about our most recent renovation project at the wellness center, the grocery list, and other such enticing topics! Finally a bit after 10am I decided to start reading through my visual journal. I used three colored index cards and labeled them “to-do, to-read, to-ponder.” My visual journal dates back to March 2010 and it was really interesting to see how my ideas and my business have grown since then. By this time it was about 11am and I started to think “I’m wasting the day away.” It is pretty unusual for me to spend that many hours basically doing nothing…

So I hopped in the shower and that is when it happened! I had a gorgeous aha moment!

More to come on that later, but my point here is that all of my idling and “doing nothing” lead me up to that aha!

That moment in the shower reminded me of my theme for this summer -PLAY!

Play is an important part of creating and no matter what you “do” with your life, you are creating something!
Looking back on my index cards from earlier this morning, I see that I jotted “the difference between being lazy and giving myself space” on the To-Ponder card. I think all too often we perceive playtime as laziness, especially those of us who tend to be “doers,” but there is immense value in “being” without any goal to be achieved or tangible thing to be produced. Although I schedule in an Artist Date for myself every week and a 30-minute creative mini-retreat nearly daily, I still struggle with idleness – particularly when I am wanting to create something. What am I learning and re-learning is that you can’t force creation AND that periods of “doing nothing” are an important and natural part of the process of creating.

So go ahead and take some time to “do nothing” today or over the weekend – you may be surprised by the results!