As you may have noticed, it’s been quiet around here.

The truth is things have been hard and I’m not the best at admitting when I’m struggling. My inner critic takes over telling me “I should be able to handle whatever comes my way with grace and ease” and asks “What is wrong with me that I can’t keep it together?” I see myself judging my feelings and pushing them away, sending me straight into shame and isolation. At the same time I hear myself telling people that “things aren’t that bad” and “it could be so much worse.” More invalidation, more denying the truth, leaving me feeling guilty and alone.

The truth of this moment is our home has shifted to created space for my husband’s 98-year old grandmother and it has been hard and wonderful and a relief and a struggle all at once.

I hope by naming this truth and allowing it to be what it is that I will find peace and relax into this moment.

What’s true for you in this moment? Can you lean into it rather than turn away from it?

Wishing you peace always,