I’ve quietly started writing a weekly love letter from my heart to yours. These letters are where I dive in deep and share my personal journey. I typically do not share them on my blog or social media because, for me, they are created as an intimate conversation that lands directly in your inbox. In the spirit of being brave and badass I am going share a few of my favorite letters here with you all. If they resonate and you’d like to read more I would be honored to have you subscribe (sign-up form on the side bar). 



I am in the space between, as Hannah calls it.

Between here and there and I have no fucking clue what there looks like.

I can feel I am on the cusp of an evolution. I can see it in my life.

Deciding not to teach anything for six months.
Giving up my nightly wine in favor of running or writing.
Swapping out my daily cup of decaf coffee for tea.
Limiting my refined sugar intake.
Going several nights in a row without watching TV.
Deciding to write a weekly newsletter even though I’m terrified I have nothing to say.
Quitting biting my nails after 30 years.
Starting my blog posts with pen and paper.
Committing to a 5-day retreat without thinking through the details.

One of my friends comes to me in a dream. She says, “Change doesn’t have to be like an arrow. You don’t have to go back to move forward.”

Feeling uncertain, anxious, and confused I can’t sleep. Browsing the internet I read, “What if there is nothing to figure out?”

I open my vision book and a phrase finds me, “No, really, let go.”

Messages making their way into my psyche.
I notice, but can’t yet integrate.
I feel the truth but can’t yet speak it – write it to you like I want to.
I see the evolution happening, but can’t yet name it.

Maybe it can’t be named. Maybe it has to be felt. I close my eyes and breathe.