This Fall I’m dreaming of…

  • drinking soy pumpkin spice lattes
  • picking apples
  • carving a pumpkin & toasting the seeds
  • wrapping myself in layers
  • reading under a blanket
  • playing with embroidery
  • jumping in a pile of leaves
  • being outside as much as possible
  • having a picnic at the sculpture park
  • savoring red wine fireside
  • donating to a few worthy causes
  • doing a formal review of my businesses
  • leading an inspiring pre-holiday retreat
  • playing with paint
  • planting mums
  • baking something full of pumpkin deliciousness
  • sending a loved one a gift for no reason
  • painting my toe nails a fun Autumn hue

Et toi? What are you dreaming of this Fall?



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