I’ve been meaning to share more about my pregnancy here on the blog. Now that I’m almost 33 weeks (!) along, it will have to be more of a retrospective!

Let me start from the beginning… My husband and I found out on a sleepy Sunday in September that we managed to get pregnant on the first try! I’m not sure I can describe the feeling I had as I peered down at that innocent plus sign. It was early in the morning and for that moment I knew that I knew something that no one else knew, like I had this fabulous little secret! I was grinning from ear to ear and sort of dumbfounded that it was true, there was a baby growing inside me! I wasn’t going to wake my husband up, but he stirred as I came back to bed and I shared the good news. We were both thrilled from the start and spent a few blissful minutes just saying “I can’t believe it! We’re going to have a baby!” over and over again. My hubby is also super excited because our due date (May 21st) is just a few days from his birthday and he’s hoping that the baby will arrive on his birthday. The first person I told was my sister. I was trying to hold it in so that our daughter would know before anyone else, but I just couldn’t stand it! I remember it was Sunday morning and I went over to my sister’s house after yoga class and we shared some fabulous Indian food in celebration! We told everyone in our family and a few of our close friends right away.
It only took about a week or so for the morning sickness to set in. As any pregnant woman will tell you, “morning” sickness is quite the misnomer. This was nausea that lasted pretty much all day, every day for weeks on end. Coupled that with extreme exhaustion and you get me crying every other day to my husband (and anyone else who would listen) about how I couldn’t take it. Brushing my teeth became a daily battle of olympic proportions – me vs. my gag reflex. My personal favorite was throwing up while brushing my teeth – what’s a girl to do? I’ll admit it; there were nights I went to bed without brushing my teeth. I just couldn’t take it! I kept envisioning the magic light at the end of the tunnel – 13 weeks I was told by friends, strangers, medical professionals. But being that I’m special and all, my nausea and gagging lasted until I was 21 weeks along. (Actually it is not that uncommon, but that doesn’t make you feel any better when you are going through it.)
Eventually I recovered my ability to eat and let me tell you – food never tasted so good! I developed such an appreciation for food. And let me tell you I’ve been eating like a champ ever since! This despite the fact that before being pregnant I had myself convinced taht I would not be one of those women who eat whatever they want just because they’re pregnant. Oh no, I was going to maintain my healthy eating habits and enjoy things like dark chocolate in moderation. All that went right out the window! The first sign was that when I was nauseous and couldn’t eat anything I was craving chicken! Rotisserie chicken to be exact. This might not sound so shocking exceot taht I’ve been a vegetarian for years! Well after a few weeks I decided to give it a try, since nothing else was working. And wouldn’t you bleiev it the Rotisserie chicken went down just fine. With lemonade to be exact! More times than I care to admit I drove to the store simply to buy a Ritisserie chick and lemondae. I ate it in my car