The Tranquilista e-course finished up this week. It has been a wonderful experience exploring all things enlightened work and mindful play with Kimberly and my fellow tranquilistas! Kimberly asked us to reflect on our top takeaways as the course came to an end. I copied & pasted all of my OM Work into one word file and then reviewed it, highlighting key ideas as I went through. It was really fun to do this with a word document. It was similar to re-reading my morning pages with highlighters in hand (one color for things to keep in mind, another for quotes/affirmations, another for goals/to-do’s).

I journaled about my takeaways in my visual journal & came up with these 11 gems…

1. Surround myself with beauty everyday.

2. Check in with my intention daily, monthly, yearly.

3. Trust the process. Things will unfold in their own steps. Visualize, take a baby step in the right direction, and surrender. Stop trying to force things.

4. Grow organically.

5. To say YES to some things, we must say NO to others. It is not only okay to prioritize, it is necessary.

6. a) Notice where your time goes. b) Modify as needed. You are in control of your schedule. (Repeat as necessary.)

7. We all need a sacred space.

8. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
9. Make time for pleasure everyday.

10. Life needs more Savasana.

11. Explore ways to add more color to my life.