A few of my favorite things - sunshine, a good book, and my journal


I love questions. Part of my work is allowing just the right question to come through at precisely the moment it is meant to arrive. I know that a question asked at the right time in a safe space can change your life – open your eyes, shift your perspective, bring you to a new level of awareness.

I remember the exact moment that someone (the lovely Kimberly Wilson) first asked me what I really wanted. This question blew open the door to my heart and literally transformed my life.

What did I really want? I had never stopped to consider this. I knew what I thought other people wanted me to do. I knew what was expected of me. I knew what society dictated as the proper next step for someone my age. But what did I really want?

The answer was right there beneath the surface, waiting patiently for the question to be asked. I wanted to teach yoga; I wanted to spend more time with my family, less time at work. I wanted freedom, independence, inspiration, and true health; time to ponder, explore, read, and write.

As you read this today, especially if you know me at all, these probably do not sound like outrageous things. But in 2008 when I was working as an applied researcher in a competitive academic environment allowing myself to acknowledge these desires was a brave, bold step.

As I opened the doorway to my heart’s longings I simultaneously promised my true self I would never turn away from her again. I did the only thing I could do. I started tentatively speaking my “crazy” ideas out loud.

First to my then-fiancé. Imagine coming home from a retreat and telling the man you are going to marry in four months that you’d like to give up a recent promotion (and hefty pay raise!) to work part-time and open a yoga studio!

Then to some more intimidating audiences. I didn’t know how I would tell my boss about my new career plans but one cool April morning I put on my favorite scarf, stopped to buy myself flowers (tiger lilies) on the way to work, and promised myself I would not leave the building until I had spoken to him.

Next month marks the 5-year anniversary of Tree of Life Yoga Studio. My life is more amazing than I could of imagined five years ago when I sat in my office fidgeting and waiting to speak to my supervisor.

So I have two life-changing questions for you:

Do you know what you really want? Have you told anybody?

Share your dreams with me in the comments or over on my Facebook page. There is an amazing power to speaking our truth out loud.

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