For over a year now I have been struggling with describing what it is that I “do.”

I’ve been taking online classes and buying up every product that promises to help me gain clarity on the subject. It’s pretty straightforward to say that I am a psychologist or I am a yoga teacher or I own a wellness center but those titles don’t truly convey what my life’s work is all about. I had settled on the following description, “I inspire women to create more wellness in their lives.” But every time I tried to spit it out it felt awkward. When I really examined this phrase, it came up feeling very safe. And playing safe is just not for me anymore.

Then yesterday in what felt like a very sudden revelation (but I’m sure has actually been brewing beneath the surface for quite some time) the answer came to me.

All of the work I do and every program that I create shares one goal: to help you magically transform your life from good enough to GREAT! My inspiration comes from my own life experiences, particularly my relationship with my inner self and my life’s work.

In what feels like a lifetime ago but in reality was only 2008, I attended a yoga retreat that transformed me. At the time I had what I describe now as a good enough life. I had a good job, a beautiful home, a loving partner, and I was surrounded by wonderful family and friends. But I wasn’t fully, authentically showing up in my life as ME. This retreat was the first time that I asked myself, “What do I really want?” Like so many of us, I had been caught up in doing what I thought I should do and spending too much energy worrying about what other people might think. There was no room left for honoring my true self. Nothing was really wrong but nothing was REALLY right either.

Since that retreat in 2008 I have completely transformed my life on the inside by nurturing my relationship with myself and on the outside by pursuing my dreams. My own journey parallels what I see as my life’s work: helping women to reconnect with their true self and honor her by authentically showing up in their lives.

This is the thread that connects all of my work. Whether I’m teaching a yoga class or working with a therapy client or writing a blog post or creating workshops, my goal is always to inspire an authentic awakening so that you too can magically transform your life!

Last January I was interviewed by the local paper about my Dare to Live Your Dreams Online Circle. The last line from the interview was, I just want everyone I see around me to be loving their life as much as I love mine.” This might sound super cheesy but it is absolutely true. That’s why I do what I do.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me,