I first began facilitating circles of women while in graduate school. Actually my first circle was a group of 5th grade girls! And it was just as powerful as any women’s circle I’ve run since then. The group was part of my dissertation which evaluated combining yoga and therapeutic activities in an effort to prevent eating disordered behavior in girls. It was what first introduced me to yoga and to the concept of combining yoga with psychology. I facilitated this group, and several others, for years – groups for everything from grief to parenting children with severe behavior problems – all kinds of groups! I’ve always been drawn to groups because of that magical something that happens when you come together with like-minded people in a safe space. Once I left academia and started my own therapy practice and yoga studio I continued running groups – women’s circles, workshops, retreats. I love to gather people!



I had been running groups, workshops, and retreats in some fashion or another for nearly a decade when the idea for Authentic Awakening was born. Witnessing the amazing transformation that was born from a few intentional hours spent together left me dreaming about the wonder and beauty that could be manifested with more frequent gatherings. Initially I envisioned a whole weekend together, then a month together, finally a YEAR of support and inspiration. I could feel the powerful transformation that would be midwifed into this world with that kind of structure, connection, and devoted time.

“Stress and worries instantly melt as you enter the studio. Mindy provides a haven for weary souls and nourishment for the dreamers who are ready for change. I am a better mom, friend, wife and person because I am committed to my well being. Every month I look forward to the circle meetings. My family has seen the benefits first hand and they encourage me to go. I have learned how to relax as well as carve out a life that is more meaningful. The circle feels like an indulgence yet it is so vital to my well being. It would take a natural disaster to make me miss a session.”

~Jennifer Winarski, mom, nanny, artist, wife, and fearless dreamer. Find Jenn on her blog at Mindful Canvas


Someone asked me recently why I do what I do. I pointed her toward my new tattoo (my first!). It reads Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – may all beings everywhere be happy and free and may my words thoughts and actions in some way contribute to that happiness and freedom for all. When I tuned into my true self, left my job, and started following my dreams happiness and freedom abounded. This is what I want for all of you lovely people out there too! It doesn’t mean that you have to leave your job (unless you want to!) or turn your life upside down. It means you deserve to reconnect with your true self – that part of you deep down inside beneath all of the expectations and fears and layers – and learn to live from that place within you. You are worthy of practices and support to help you attune to this part of yourself and guide you as learn to take action on her part.


Getting my first tattoo!

We’ve got an amazing tribe gathered! Spritual, creative, funny, kind women who support and inspire one another. I am opening up space for you to join us if you feel called. Listen to the tiny whisper within, honor your longings – you will be amazed at where it will lead you.

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