Hello Lovelies!

I have been trying to post since last week, but every time I try to upload a picture here my whole computer freezes :-(

So I will just have to post with no pictures…

The Women Entrepreneurs ROCK telecourse I was taking with Kim David wrapped up last week so I dedicated some time to pondering my top takeaways from the course and wanted to share them with you.

1. Trust your body

2. Happiness is our natural mindset.

3. Be specific about your goals and dreams.

4. Who wins when you beat yourself up? (no one)

5. Thoughts are powerful. Regularly examine what you are telling yourself.

6. Work only with your ideal clients.

7. Life is not meant to be a struggle (see #2). It is best for you and your business if you delegate tasks that weaken you.

8. It is vital to get clear on the WHY of your business.

9. Spend time formulating your Core Purpose statement, a short message to convey your WHY.

10. In business and in life, you can be bright or you can be a FREAKIN SUPERNOVA!!!

It was a fabulous course and I learned TONS about business and about myself! I’ll be sure to share the pics from my visual journal as soon as I solve the picture uploading problem.