file folder I created at recent mini-retreat“learn to hear what your inner voice is telling you and your whole world changes”

My 2011 goals that I listed last January:

Attend Professional Development conference in Psychology: DONE

Publish Yoga for Living Wellness CD (and have a party when I finally do – lol): Nope. Why do I have such a block when it comes to this project!

Complete a first draft of Living Wellness book: Nope. Um, can we say overly ambitious goal?

Clean out the basement: Nope.

Read all of Martha Beck’s books (I’m probably 25% there already): Nope.

Continue to cultivate daily meditation practice: Sort of is probably a generous appraisal.

Draft plan for new website & purchase domain name: DONE

Rent newly renovated office suite to fabulous, like-minded health & wellness professionals: One down, two to go.

Explore mixed media art: Nope.

Attend additional yoga training: DONE

Enjoy 12 weeks of maternity leave: DONE + 5 additional weeks

Research starting a non-profit: Bought a few books but that was as far as it went.

Host a retreat at Tree of Life Yoga Studio: Not this year.

Begin publishing podcasts & vidcasts: Nope.

Write more content on blog: DONE

Daily physical activity: At times…

Participate in 2 courses through Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle: Define participate…..

Save 40% of my income each month until baby is born: DONE

Donate monthly to my favorite charities: This went well the first half of the year, but faltered after that.

Continue to make self-care a priority after baby is born while also understanding it may look a lot different than it does now: I’ve done well with maintaining my monthly pedicure and massage appointments, but I’m definitely needing to work on ways to have more “me time” on a daily/weekly basis.

Monthly dates with all the important people in my life (hubby, daughter, friends, and family): This has gone pretty well!

other side of file folder – “uncovering answers to your deepest questions”

2012 Dreams:

  • Try a green smoothie
  • Make kale chips
  • Take a Zumba class
  • Study Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Design and lead yoga group for women affected by violence
  • Work with fabulous, tech savvy web designer to create new biz website
  • Create new business cards and brochures to better reflect the whole of my business
  • Regular dates with my art journal & yoga mat
  • Publish that darn yoga CD – even if I have to pay someone to do it for me!
  • Morning and evening rituals to bookend my day in mindfulness
  • Host 3 retreats at the studio
  • Take a minimum of 6 weeks vacation
  • Be present at home and at work. Single task like a champion.