“you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you might find you get what you need!” ahh…the wisdom of the Rolling Stones…gotta love it.

i’m here at home, making my way through another self-imposed 12-hour work day saturday which i am half enjoying, half resenting. things were mostly going fine until i started down the path of self-doubt…a frequent habit of mine lately…ugh…

i decided to allot myself a break to blog-browse and i came across exactly what i needed to read/ hear/ know at this moment.

tomorrow i am holding the first women’s wellness circle! i am completely pumped about this, as i have been dreaming up this idea for quite some time, but i am also nervous because i want it to go well. perfectly, actually. i want all of the women to feel relaxed and inspired by the two hours we will spend together doing yoga, meditating, journaling, and talking. is this too much to ask?

ha, ha, ha, ha! i am laughing at myself now (in a loving manner). of course i cannot please every person that comes to every program/class that i ever hold. that is ridiculous! the best i can do is plan ahead (which i have spent a ton of time doing), show up, and be myself. right? i mean it’s hard to go wrong with yoga, meditation, and journaling. i’m not sure how you could not feel relaxed and inspired after two hours of that. so, i will remind myself to trust the process, to stay strong in my belief in this idea of women gathering, exploring, and growing.

here’s to following your heart and believing in yourself!
ps that’s my fur-baby monty in the picture above, he loves to walk all over everything i am working on :-)